Participate and Save Community Welfare

Serving the Poor and Disabled
Our Works

1. Supporting Sanitations Facilities. (Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion)

We do provide constructions materials for sanitations (toilets) in prisons, schools, health centers as well as in community for hygiene and living standard improvement.

2. School Rehabilitation and Supply of Learning Materials.

We do carefully select the schools in peripheral wards for supporting and mobilizing rehabilitation of the buildings and supporting learning materials including desks, chalks as well as others.

3. Water Supply.

We do engage with provision of water supply in rural communities and in public centers including schools, health centers as well as others. By either extension of the pipes, construction of wells to ensure people in those wards access to clean and safe water.

4. Income Generating Activities (IGA)

PASACO is engaging with economic activities for Income Generating Activities (IGA), especially establishment of entrepreneurship activities poultry keeping.

5. Community Education

PASACO is committed to influence community awareness on Aging and disabilities and economic issues including influencing change of policy in Loans provision, mainstreaming aging issues into plans and budget of councils, HIV and Older people. Educating Community on importance of supporting Marginalized groups, Learning and studies awareness to youth in schools especially how to study for achievements and future carrier’s guidance.

6. VC/OVC Program

Providing sessional, educational, food relief and economic support to MVC whereby 60% of them are under the care of older people.

7. Climate Change Mitigation / Environmental Conservation programs

We do rise climate change knowledge and awareness to youth in Tanzania through youth climate change Education provision and engage directly in solving climate change problem by planting tree initiatives to avoid deforestation in the country. PASACO do believe that deforestation is accelerated by use and consumption of forest resources in charcoal making and firewood consumption to meet energy demand for household in both rural and urban areas

In this program PASACO deal with deforestation problem in Tanzania by:

• Establishment of tree nurseries for conservation operations.
• Trees plantations program in deforested areas for afforestation.
• Trees plantation in catchment areas conservation.
• Tree planting campaigns, education and community environmental initiatives for a better tomorrow.

Tarimba Abbas

Dear, Community and Donors,
It is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you to “Participate and Save Community Welfare” (PASACO).

As a Non-Governmental organization with remarkable experience in provision of community services for community..

Mr. Rainery Denis. - Director

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