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Mwasanga primary Rehabilitation (ongoing project)
05 December, 2018 By PASACO Reporter

PASACO is striving to serve the community especially the marginalized neediest people in sectors sector. In Education sector, we do visit community institutions in regions we serve like schools and do pick the worse one and giving support of construction materials. Mwasanga primary school is one of the schools we support, it serves children from two wards and that it is very populated or crowded in classrooms. While there are classes built by the community but not yet finished and have stopped for some years.

Our organization decided to support cement for the rehabilitation of classes and we are currently looking for funds from donors to support the construction of the three classrooms which are not yet finished. If the classes are going to be completed will reduce overcrowding in classrooms and confortable teaching and learning environment at the school.

Tarimba Abbas

Dear, Community and Donors,
It is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you to “Participate and Save Community Welfare” (PASACO).

As a Non-Governmental organization with remarkable experience in provision of community services for community..

Mr. Rainery Denis. - Director

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