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Feed the future (On going project)
25 October, 2018 By PASACO Reporter

Feed the future is a project that is implemented in schools and intents to uplift or assisting the students and pupils in schools who faces with economic barriers to attain smooth education, PASACO believes that they are the future of the Nation but they are about to lose that future, therefore the organization helps to feed them with better environment to attain their future which is in danger.

PASACO is striving to serve the community especially the marginalized neediest people in Education sector. Since 2016 the organization has been providing education services to the community especially supporting the pupils and students in difficult situation who are studying in Primary schools and in secondary schools. Most of them are under their grandparents care and do lack education learning facilities. Here the organization staffs do intensive feasibility study visiting schools and where the students’ lives (homes) to assess their neediness, then selection of the most need students is done, we then send our tailor to make measurement for clothing for each students, we then make the clothes and supply to selected students and pupils.

We then do regularly visit them in schools and home to check their academic progress and how do they attend at schools. Our services have proved to have positive impact as the supported students and pupils are always happy, their school attendance have increased and doing better academically.

In 2018, the organization is on progress providing uniform (shirts, skirts, sweeter and short trousers), shoes and learning materials including exercise books, pen, ruler and pencil as well as cleanliness items including soaps, these are provided to the most need pupils and students in schools. We currently do serve students and pupils in the selected schools in Mbeya region, Songwe region and Njombe region. We are having large number of the people who demands to be provided with this service

Tarimba Abbas

Dear, Community and Donors,
It is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you to “Participate and Save Community Welfare” (PASACO).

As a Non-Governmental organization with remarkable experience in provision of community services for community..

Mr. Rainery Denis. - Director

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