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Serving the Poor and Disabled
Welcome to Participate and Save Community Welfare

PASACO is an independent, Tanzanian, not for profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) working in Tanzania in mainland. It was formally known as 'SAVE THE POOR AND DISABLED (SADI)', It was established on 10th July 2016 and registered as an NGO on 1st August 2018 with registration certificate No.00NGO/00009793. To date the organization has a total number of 10 members, of whom 4 are female and 6 male of which 5 of them are founders.

The services we do offer

PASACO mainly deals with water wells construction, conservation and tree planting in sources of water, sensitizing communities to support Marginalized groups including vulnerable older people (OP) by supporting the disabled and the poor at a grassroots level with basic needs, Age Care Education (save the elders), provision of humanitarian relief, and supporting the most needy students and pupils in schools to empower for better education. The organization is striving with the overall objective of alleviating poverty and improving living standards of the poor and neediest people at a grassroots level for the purpose of poverty alleviation in both rural and urban areas for sustainable development in Tanzania.

Area of work and target group

PASACO is operating nationally and its head office is located in Mbeya-Urban, in Mbeya Region in South west Tanzania, the Organization works in Rural and Urban areas in Tanzania mainland currently in South West Tanzania including Mbeya, Songwe and Njombe Regions. Our target groups includes the Disabled people, vulnerable older people, widows, prisoners, orphans, youth especially girls, street children as well other poor people at grass root level among rural and urban society.

About Funds

Donor and membership funds and any other income generated by the organization activities is used for provision socio-economic services for benefiting target groups on alleviating poverty and making them active participants in the social-economic development for their community prosperity.

Participate and Save Community Welfare,
P. O. Box 6472, Mbeya City, Tanzania

Mobile: +255 757 305 310,

+255 756 774 587

Tarimba Abbas

Dear, Community and Donors,
It is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you to “Participate and Save Community Welfare” (PASACO).

As a Non-Governmental organization with remarkable experience in provision of community services for community..

Mr. Rainery Denis. - Director

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